Today India's environmental crisis is no longer an option but a necessity. Environmental sustainability in real estate should be seen as an enormous opportunity to contribute significantly in the country's effort to improve environment. There is a growing consciousness towards environment protection and it something that is increasingly being adopted in the real estate industry.

We believe that we can working together with all stakeholders towards successfully achieving improved sustainability performance in our real estate projects. Sustainable real estate projects are those that aim to minimize the impact on environment in design, construction & operations through use of appropriate materials, technologies & techniques. For the consumers too, sustainable real estate projects provide benefits of reduction in operating costs and reduced carbon footing.

We believe that the shift towards sustainability will increasingly gain momentum in India and is not just a passing trend. This new way of doing business in real estate could also provide considerable financial savings. The government too has introduced several schemes that encourage sustainability in many ways. By developing, maintaining, owning and occupying sustainable buildings, we all can have a positive impact environment. We advocate creation of a more sustainable environment for current and future generations. The education of all stakeholders on environmental & financial benefits will be integral to the overall success of sustainability program. After all Environment Matters for us all.